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Bolivian culture is very diverse because of the different origins of the Bolivian people. Today’s Bolivian society is a mix of people from the descendants of the first colonizers such as the Spanish, the indigenous groups that make up the Andes, and mestizos which are people who are mixture of the two. There is also some African heritage as well, but it is not as prevalent.

The Spanish colonized the area in the 16th century and suppressed many indigenous traditions and practices. Art and architecture brought by the Spanish for example was later changed by indigenous artists to create unique new styles that we can see a lot in the architecture for example.

In the 20th century, indigenous traditions started becoming more common again and indigenous languages have been recognized as official languages in Bolivia. Actually, to this day, Bolivia has over 30 official languages.

Bolivia is said to be a country yet to be discovered - as the fifth largest country in South America, it has a multitude of different areas and cultures, but there are many of which very little is known about them to this day.

A very important part of Bolivian society today is the acknowledgement of the native people, their traditions, and their languages, which still exist today.



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