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1. People watch in Plaza San Francisco

See historic architecture, watch street performers, browse the artisanal stands, and food markets at this lively central square. In front of the Plaza you will find the infamous San Francisco church.

2. Wonder the colorful streets of Calle Jaen

The architectural heritage from the Spanish conquistadors is still very much present at Calle Jaen. Now it is reserved as a pedestrian-only alley way in the heart of La Paz. The narrow, cobbled street is one of the top attractions for visitors. Several museums can also be found along the street, including the National Museum of Art and the Coast Museum, which exhibits items from the Pacific War which was fought between Bolivia, Peru, and Chile from 1879 –1883. Bolivia came out of the war having lost its coastal territory to Chile and Chile losing part of the Patagonia to Argentina.

3. Browse the bargains at the Witches’ Market (Mercado de las Brujas)

Located near the San Francisco Church, the Witches’ Market is a long market running down the narrow streets of La Paz. It is one of the most unique places in La Paz. The Cholitas offer everything from herbal medicines, superstitious artifacts such as llama fetus’, and warm Andes sweaters.

4. Get crazy at Cholita Wrestling

If you are bored one day, you have the option to go high up in the mountains of El Alto to watch Cholitas wrestle. It is a one-of-a-kind event. Matches kick off a couple times a week.

5. Take a trip to Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna)

Moon Valley is fascinating due to its, yep you probably guessed it, moon-like landscape. Moon Valley features a few kilometers of walking paths that navigate the huge trenches of the valley carved out of the soil over centuries of erosion by the wind and rain. In addition to its fascinating landscape, it also offers impressive views of the Andes Mountains.

6. Go back in time at the Tiwanaku Ruins

Tiwanaku is an ancient archaeological site named after one of the most important ancient civilizations prior to the Inca Empire called the Tiwanaku’s. The Tiwanaku ruins are located next to the small village of Tiwanaku which is located along the highway that heads to Lake Titicaca.

7. See La Paz from above at Killi Killi

Killi-Killi is simply an observation point where you can enjoy a killer panoramic view of La Paz. You have to walk up a lot of stairs, but the view that you achieve afterwards is very much worth it.

8. Take a daring trip on Mi Teleférico

La Paz has a lot of people and with a lot of people comes a lot of traffic, no? Unfortunately the Spanish conquistadors constructed narrow streets which have stayed narrow until today. The cable cars may sometimes be faster to use than your own car. They run on electricity and have no sound pollution. Currently there are three lines operating at this moment called green, yellow, and red.

9. Cycle the infamous Death Road

You have the opportunity of a lifetime to cycle the world’s most dangerous road. Every day tourists cycle the road and it is a pretty scary experience. The downhill path is extremely narrow and it has very steep ledges. Before 2006, the Death Road was the only connection between La Paz and the jungle. During this time it was estimated that between 200 to 300 drivers were killed per year by falling over the ledge. Tour companies arrange trips now, but just keep in mind that you will have to pay an entry fee too because it is considered a national park.



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