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Obviously hamburgers are known internationally by almost anyone that is living in the 21st century, but one of the cool things about traveling, is that you get to try different styles of them. In Bolivia, the hamburger is made with the burger patty, one or two slices of ham, cheese, and your option of different local sauces.


Milanesa is a flattened piece of beef or chicken that is covered in beaten egg and then touched up with bread crumbs. There are two ways to cook it which is by frying it, or by baking it in the oven. It can be served in the form of a sandwich, or it is usually accompanied by french fries, rice, and or salad.

Tranca Pecho:

Literally the name of this food translated to English is ‘barricade your chest’. It is seen in two forms. One form is a patty of milanesa (which we have already mentioned above) stuffed with french fries, rice, cheese, egg, and your choice of sauces. The second form is almost the same as the first form, but instead of milanesa, it is made with a hamburger patty.


This is a Bolivian styled empanada. It is usually filled with beef, chicken, or both, with a hard-boiled egg, juices, and other delicious ingredients. It is a very popular treat here in Bolivia. You usually have an option of taste which is spicy salteña, sweet salteña, or sweet & spicy salteña.


So this food is literally what the name says it is.

Salchi = which is a shorter form of the Spanish word ‘Salchicha’ = Sausage

Papa = Potato or French Fries

So you probably guessed it already, Salchipapa is just cut up sausage layered over french fries. Sometimes it can be served with an egg, but it is not too common.



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